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Toy Yorkshire Terrier PuppyNew this year I've started my own small "Back to Eden Garden", inspired by Paul Gautschi's video, produced and directed by Dana Richardson & Sarah Zentz. It's powerful, take a few minutes to Watch It Now!

Watch many more videos about Paul Gautschi and his garden by L2Survive with Thatnub, a special guy that takes the time to visit Paul and share all these informational videos on his youtube site.

If all goes well, (fingers crossed!) fresh organic fruits and vegetables for my family and yorkie fur kids, grown in my backyard!

Starting out a little late.

I'm learning as I go, and it has taken me a while to get everything set up and LOOK the seeds have finally sprouted!! I took that photo (above) this morning! Hubby says I'm wasting my time and money, it's easier to just go to the store! (He just doesn't get it). That's okay, many people don't, I didn't for the longest time. You and your fur kids, are what you eat. If I had known 25 years ago what I know today, I wouldn't have the health issues I have today.

For years I have been planting beautiful flowers of all kinds in my backyard, which I LOVE but this year I'm doing something a little different. I am going to concentrate on growing some organic vegetables and hopefully some fruits too.

Did you know after vegetables are harvested they lose like 80%! of their vitamins/minerals and many being shipped across the world can become contaminated during travel, preparation or storage. Eating contaminated produce (or fruit and vegetable juices made from contaminated produce) can lead to foodborne illness. Not to mention GMO, non-organic and ever wonder how many other germy hands have touched that lettuce you're about to eat? Dr Oz did a show once about the spray misters in the grocery store that spray on the veggies being contaminated with all kinds of bacteria etc!

Growing Organic Veggies

If you have taken the time to watch the movie, you already know it's all about fresh wood chips, not the bag of old mulch sold at stores. In the video they say to put down newspaper or cardboard over the grass, then compost, then wood chips.

I only put down two layers of newspaper but wish I had doubled that to four layers as some of the grass is coming through.

Since we have lots of little critters running around the neighborhood, (bunnies, squirrels, birds, frogs, cats) we needed to protect the veggies. After installing a fence I noticed it was doing a good job keeping the rabbits out but the other day I noticed these cute little baby bunnies running around and they were so small they went right through the fence into the garden.
Back to the store, and picked up more fence but with smaller holes, placing it all around the bottom. This seems to be working so far.

Then the squirrels were climbing over the fence and digging holes and rolling all around in the soil. So we put plastic on two of the sides and picked up some deer netting at Walmart and threw that over the top which also keeps the birds out.

The plastic also shields the veggies if the neighbor sprays pesticides on his lawn to prevent it from blowing all over the veggies.

There's a plenty of seeds in one package, so made a little garden section just for the bunnies to nibble on. There's also plenty of weeds for them to nibble on (which is why they love our yard!) since we never use any type of pesticide/herbicide poisons in our yard. I believe someone in the area years ago use to raise them and have since moved so every now and again you see them running around. Also visit our feathered friends page.

More pictures of our garden! I planted cabbage, brocolli, kale, swiss chard, carrots, beets, onions, garlic, lettuce, potatoes, tomatoes, spinach, celery, some herbs. I know I planted way to much in a too small a space, but was excited to try everything and fiqured not everything would come up anyway

Very, very slow growing, think I overwatered and not enough sunshine

Some things are growing, some not. Due to my neighbors huge
tree which covers half our yard! we don't get alot of sunshine

Green beans seems to be doing pretty good!

AKC Parti color & Traditional  Yorkie Puppies for sale

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