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Our Feathered Friends

Toy Yorkshire Terrier PuppyOver the years I've had several generations of birds visiting. Some of my favorites are bluejays, cardinals, yellow finches, catbirds, chickadees and more.

They sometimes sit outside the patio door looking in to try to get my attention to throw them a nut.

The bird feeder doesn't last long once the squirrels get to it. Hope to get some squirrel proof ones later.

I inserted a piece of 12" wide x 7' plywood in my eight foot patio door and drilled several holes big enough for my camera lens to take pictures of the birds and other small animals in my yard without scaring them.

I also toss various nuts through that hole without having to slide the patio door open each time. Sometimes they'll make noise to let me know they're out there especially the bluejays. The windows don't need to be open to hear them!

While sitting in the patio I've had bluejays fly down and sit on the birdbath just several feet from me. It's funny, he will look at me, cock its head to the side and fluff its feathers, fly back up to the tree and fly back down after tossing a couple nuts on the ground.

The cardinals aren't quite that bold but will perch on the branches of the hydrangeas right next to the patio door.

Cardinals (left) are predominately monogamous and many believe will mate for life. The male cardinal (red) will take a piece of the nut and call the female cardinal (brown) over to him and place the nut in her mouth.

The gray catbird (right) make interesting noises, sort of like a cat (hence the name) but sounds morelike a baby crying I think.

They don't have very strong beaks so itsy bitsy pieces of nut goes to them compared to the bluejays who will swallow two whole nuts at once sometimes! But usually they'll sit on the fence and hold it with their feet and eat it that way.

Here are several more pictures of the various birds and other critters that come to visit.

Carolina Wren

Baby Bunny


Baby Frog

Mourning Dove


Yellow Finch



AKC Parti color & Traditional  Yorkie Puppies for sale

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