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AKC Parti color & Traditional  Yorkie Puppies for sale
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Yorkie Puppies

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UPDATE: 6/20/2015. Thank you to all that contacted us!
All puppies pictured below are being spoiled in their NEW loving homes!

Sparkles in the Night x Little Hannah Toy Yorkie Puppies

Tiny babies: 2 boys, 1 girl, 3 ounces at birth!
These precious babydolls will be little, so GREAT care advised for homes with young children and large dogs. Tiny puppies require extra attention, care and a close eye on them. Their long hair gives the illusion their bigger than they are. See the picture below of the mom to these puppies. Tried to get a shot of her legs which as you can see is no wider than my finger!

They had their first Veterinarian Puppy Wellness Examination and vaccination and doing fantastic!
They come with their AKC Registration Folder, Baby Blanket, Health Guarantee & Puppy Care Package. $1200 & up

Click here to come see these precious babies in person

Our Yorkies are family raised underfoot, not in a basement, out building kennel but in our home cuddling with family members in a cage free environment.

We want our precious babies to go to homes that will love, cherish and become part of their family, raised the way ours are.

Like a human baby, a puppy depends on you, needs your love, guidance, and most of all PATIENCE. For health dangers, safety and potty training, puppies are raised in a open playpen with lots of toys, handled daily, creating happy, loving, affectionate babies. Its a wonderful feeling when others also get to experience the heart felt love.

Yorkie Puppy Care Package
Many times in the excitement of bringing home your Yorkie puppy, it's easy to forget to pick up important items and supplies for your new puppy. Included in your Yorkie puppy package are samples of the water, milk, food, and puppy vitamins your puppy has been eating and drinking. This will lessen the stress and help ease the puppies transition to their new loving home. Later if you decide to change to a different brand of high quality food, you can do so gradually.

We don't want you accidentally stepping on or kicking your tiny puppy so we ALSO include a IRIS Puppy Play Pen with Washable Puppy Pads to continue potty training and most of all keep your baby safe. It happens believe me! It happened with us, friends, and see it happen at other dog related places. They may be tiny but can move lightening fast and before you even know it they're under your feet.

They are accustomed to being in a playpen but will still whine and cry sometimes because they will miss playing with their siblings and just love being around people. They are also teething so will need a wide variety of things to chew on. With a open playpen you can easily reach in and pick them up often but when they are not being watched the puppy pen is the best place for them until they get a little older. Much more helpful information about this is included in you puppy care package.

Click here to come see these precious babies in person

UPDATE: Thank you to all that contacted us!
*ALL puppies pictured below are being spoiled in their new loving homes!*

I love their small size and baby doll face

Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Bassinet
Yorkie mom puppy bassinet with stairs
Yorkie mom and newborn babies
Yorkie mom and her puppies

Yorkie mama and her tiny 3 ounce puppies nursing
3 oz Yorkie Babies
Tiny yorkie puppy 3ounces
3 oz Yorkie Newborn

Yorkie puppy going potty
Yorkie puppy using potting pad at 4 wks!
Sleeping yorkie puppy
Yorkie baby Sweet Dreams

Tiny Yorkie puppies
Yorkie puppies
Tiny Yorkie Puppies water bottle size
Tiny Yorkie babies

Yorkie Puppy 5 inches
Tiny Yorkie Puppy 4 incyhes

Tiny puppies are started with Royal Canin Baby Dog Can & Kibble w/ Esbilac Goat Milk
Yorkie Puppy 5 inches
Tiny Yorkie Puppy 4 incyhes

We Love To Eat!
Yorkie Puppy 5 inches
Tiny Yorkie Puppy 4 incyhes
We Love to eat!! Our favorites are: Royal Canin Puppy canned, Royal Canin Puppy dry kibbles, Earthborn Holistic kibbles and Freshpet Vital Bison Roll. We also love to eat free roaming organic eggs, organic vegetable & fruits, wild fish and grassfed beef and goats milk

Teacup Yorkie with yorkie  puppies
Grandsire checking out the puppies

Teacup Yorkies
Cutie on the right, same parents as above puppies from previous litter. See her summer cut below
Tiny spoiled yorkie on my desk
Pups Grandsire loves sitting on my desk while I work on the computer

Our tea cup Yorkies

About Newborn Yorkie Puppies

Yorkshire Terrier puppy care begins the day they are born. Since they look identical, a colored string goes around each Yorkie puppies neck so I can make sure everybody is getting their share of milk.

If Yorkie puppies are not carefully watched, they may get malnourished by a more stronger, dominant pup. Sometimes a puppy may hog up the milk supply by pushing the others off the nipples.

At 3 ounces they are no bigger then a mouse and if one is pinned behind mamas back, they will miss feedings or worse accidentally smothered by mom laying on top them!

Bassinet for Yorkie Puppies

To keep a close eye on the these tiny puppies progress, we custom built a puppy bassinet so they can be carefully monitored.

With added sliders it can be easily moved from room to room. The first few weeks it's extremely important to pay close attention to newborn puppies progress. As they get older the bassinet is replaced with a more spacious custom play pen that's big enough for us to get in and play with the puppies.

Yorkie puppy bassinet custom made  toys for our yorkie puppy

Yorkie Puppy Massage

The waist high puppy bassinet provides family members access to the puppies for a high level of socialization interaction, gentle handling and caressing each puppy from the time they are born.

The caressing of the puppies paws also helps when they are older and need their claws clipped.

Yorkie puppy massage sleeping yorkie baby

IRIS 4-Panel Pet Play Pen Features and Benefits


Washable Puppy Pad

Sofnit Washable Pads

I love these pads! Although they are made for humans, they also work excellent as puppy pads and cost you less money!!

Disposable puppy pads are dangerous, expensive, and pollute landfills. Not only that, puppies will rip them apart, eat the stuffing which could cause death. In my experience puppy pad holders do not work!

Using 3 disposable pads per day
will cost you $4982 for 14,235!!

Yorkie Puppy Purse Carrier

I love this puppy purse for tiny Yorkie puppies! Very safe, and roomy, and ten times better then previous purchased puppy pocketbooks which had a gap at the top of the purse next to the zipper. It allowed a tiny puppy to stick its little head out and sometimes climb out! This puppy purse is awesome pretty and does not have that problem.

Tiny Bones: Jumping/Falling Dangers!

Great care advised for homes with young children and large dogs. Tiny puppies require extra attention, care and a close eye on them.

A Yorkies long hair gives the illusion they're bigger than they are. This is a picture of the mom's leg to show the width by pulling the hair back, as you can see is no thicker than my finger! Jumping off high places or furniture can contribute to hairline fractures, broken bones and joint/arthritis issues later in life.

I strongly recommend pet stairs with lots of pillows all the way around each piece of furniture including the pet stairs if you want to allow puppies to jump off your sofa. Puppies are not afraid of height, and can jump right out of your hands if not held securely. Accidentally dropping or falling from high places can result in head trauma/brain damage.

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AKC Parti color & Traditional  Yorkie Puppies for sale

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